Jazz Ensemble

Beneath this vibrant painting on wood by Eliza Stowe, inspired by the song Heal for Real, please find two albums of big band tracks that we have mixed and mastered over the pandemic year.

Album I

Sensitive Like Ladies – words and music: John D’earth
Featuring the UVA Jazz Singers 
Soloists: Nick Wu, alto sax; Thomas Kehoe, piano; Ami Falk, bass; J. D’earth, trumpet
Special Guests: JC Kuhl, tenor sax; Rick Rieger, alto sax

Blue Champagne – music: Tina Hashemi; Arrangement: Rami Stucky
lyrics: D’earth/Hashemi
Vocal solo: Tina Hashemi
Featured: Peter Wellman, drums; Kris Monson, bass; Thomas Kehoe, piano

Can’t Stop Being In Love – lyrics, music, arrangement: Michael McNulty
Soloists: Tina Hashemi, vocals; Thomas Kehoe, organ

Resiliency Suite – words and music: John D’earth

Falling World – soloists: J. D’earth, trpt.; Thomas Kehoe, piano; Ethan Blaser, bass

Heal For Real – special guests: Erin Lunsford, vocals; Katy Ambrose, french horn

Infernal Resilience – Nick Wu, alto and baritone sax; Thomas Kehoe, piano; Krit Chanwong, alto sax; Olivia Scheidt, violin; Izzy Tucker, cello; Peter Wellman, drums

Elegy – Special guests: Greg Howard, Chapman Stick; Michelle Oliva, bass clarinet; Izzy Tucker, cello; Olivia Scheidt, violin

Super Spreader (Blue Pandemic) – soloists: J. D’earth, trpt.; Nick Wu, alto sax; Thomas Kehoe, piano; Ethan Blaser, bass; Michael McNulty, guitar; Tyler Burkhardt, guitar

Merengue Loco – J. D’earth

Album II

I’ll Fly Away – traditional; arrangement: Peter Wellman

I Could Take You Dancing – Michael McNulty

Take the Torch – Rami Stucky; rap by Trey Winn

As The World Is Waking – John D’earth

Dawn – John D’earth
Special Guests: Katy Ambrose, french horn; Damien Groleau, piano

S’Vivon – traditional Hannukkah song; arr: J. D’earth

Keep It Simple – words and music: John D’earth
Tina Hashemi, vocalist; J. D’earth, trpt.; Rick Rieger, alto sax; JC Kuhl, tenor sax

Epilogue: In My Head – words and music: Joey Rudek
Featuring the UVA Jazz Singers