Documentary Notes

A documentary of the Infernal Resilience experience is being created by 2nd year Media Studies and Music major and music dept. intern/photographer Khuyen Dinh, and 1st year, Zeke Buckholz. Footage in the pipeline!


When we caught wind of this project, we knew it was something we wanted to document — something that should be documented — because we recognized the resilience of our fellow UVa students. 

So, we had a couple of meetings in the middle of August. Honestly, we did not know what John or anyone would make of this idea. But the second he read Zeke’s email, he was in. 

We got started by attending more meetings. Soon, we were down in Charlottesville in the studio with the rest of the band. Being documentarians puts us in a middle ground. We are creating our documentary while watching the music unfold outside of our creative control. We are so excited to share with you the behind the scenes of this incredible creative process.

Stay tuned for vignettes from our documentary footage.